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Fully Managed Blog Writing Service. Keep your website up to date and relevant with fresh, quality, new content.

The easiest way to build a blog on your business website.

Hopefully the fact that you are here means that you understand why you should be adding blog (or news) articles to your website. If not please take a look at our blog article here, it’s from a while ago but still as relevant as ever.  Another good one is here – by Hubspot.

In essence the more you can blog, the more likely it is that your blog will be found, read and then possibly win you a new customer. It is also how Google will more fully understand what you do and rank your website better.

Trouble is, it takes time, a lot of effort and for many people is just a job that is too easily put off which got us to thinking, what would we like a blog writing service to look like?

We wanted to tell someone the subject area.

We wanted to approve the title.

We wanted to tell someone how long to make it.

We wanted it to be in “proper” English.

We wanted to approve it before it went live.

We wanted someone to select a photo to go with it.

And we wanted it to just be done, posted on the website.

So that’s what we’ve done

Premium Blog Writing Service

We will write high quality articles and post them to your website. You will be able to approve the subject of the article before its written. You can choose how long the articles are and how often they are created and posted to your site. You must approve or request revisions of the article before approving. We will put the article on your website for you.  You are not tied in to any minimum period and can cancel at any time (though we suggest giving it a few months to see the full benefits).

All articles are written by native English speakers

How does it work?

After you’ve chosen your package,

  1. Submit your inputs ( what is your service, target customer, competition etc)
  2. We then research ideas for your approval and, when approved, write the article
  3. Once the finished article is approved by you we then post it on your website

And that’s it!  It can’t get much more hands off than that!  But you still have editorial control and can tick the “Must write a blog” item off your list

1 Blog Post
per Month

1 x 500 word article


per month

1 x 1000 word article


per month

2 Blog Posts
per Month

2 x 500 word articles


per month

2 x 1000 word articles


per month

4 Blog Posts
per Month

4 x 500 word articles


per month

4 x 1000 word articles


per month

8 Blog Posts
per Month

8 x 500 word articles


per month

8 x 1000 word articles


per month

Prefer to talk to us rather than filling in a form? Please give us a call on 01730 887444.

We’ll get things going for you!