This easy to read book is written with the aim of encouraging you to look at your finances in a different way, telling you why you should, rather than actually how to do it. More of a motivational book rather than a step by step financial book.

Robert-Kiyosaki-Rich-Dad-Poor-DadI really enjoyed this book. However, for those of you looking for a structured way to get rich there are better books out their.

Robert Kiyosaki is one of these wealthy people with the genuine intention to assist you in your financial goals. You will enjoy this book for its simple, mind-stretching ideas. I actually liked the fact that Robert has done it, been their and learnt the hard way. It gives you the thought that if he has done well why can’t I?

The book takes you through lessons that Robert Kiyosaki learnt from childhood until he retired at age 47. The lessons are told by telling lots of interesting stories that keep you interested and also tend to make you question your own financial mindset.

Their Some great one liners inside –
‘I’d rather be happy then rich.’ Why not be BOTH?!?
‘Time is your most precious asset’
‘The primary difference between Rich people and Poor people is how they handle fear’

In conclusion I would say that this is a must read book for anyone who is struggling with the concepts of cash flow and wanting to improve their mindset on their finances… a good read for all ages.

Orange Pixel rating – 9/10
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