Everywhere you go these days people are talking about Twitter, some people love it, some hate it – or the concept of it, or the doing of it, or the pressure of having to do it. Others just simply “don’t get it”.

In this article I will share 5 simple reasons to start using Twitter for your business. At Orange Pixel we help you with your social media activity, from getting yourself set up to gaining your first followers and then using it effectively. We can do this because we’ve done it ourselves, you don’t get a wishy-washy “social media plan” – you get action!

  1. Your customers are tweeting

    One of the first rules of marketing is to be where you customers are, today people gather together on Twitter.

  2. Social Proof

    If you have hundreds of people following what you say others will join in, if only for the “what’s going on here?” factor. People go where other people are, you then say something of interest to them and conversation is started, you point them to a blog article or relevant page on your website and you have a very real lead.

  3. It’s free

    Apart from the time you spend doing it there is no cost. How many other marketing tools let you talk to and with hundreds of potential customers for nothing? Word of warning though from someone who has been there – keep it simple, don’t let it sidetrack you and steal your time, set aside 10-15 minutes a day, do your tweeting and then switch it off.

  4. Drive traffic to your website

    Briefly mentioned above, posting links to your recent blog articles on Twitter will get a far wider audience for it. Why do you write a blog? So that people will read it, find it interesting, recognise you as an expert in your field and, eventually, buy something from you. The more people that read it the more likely that final conversion will be. Equally you can use it to drive people to your Facebook page, linked in profile or any other marketing media that you use.

  5. It’s local

    If you want it to be. The global nature of the Internet and therefore Twitter sometimes seems a bit scary, after all you don’t really want to talk to the whole world – but the good news is that you don’t have to. Getting the word out about your business is as local, national or international as you want it to be, it’s all about following the right people in the right places and then starting meaningful conversations with them.

If you would like to know more about our social media services please do contact us via the website, by email at hello@orangepixel.co.uk or on 02393 170 317