While doing the rounds of business networking and while talking to our website customers a question I regularly get asked is “What will blogging do for my business?”

Today I came across this great article by Nick Stamoulis of Brick Marketing,

7 Reasons Why a Business Blog is Valuable

In short blogging can work for you on many different levels, take a look at the link above but I’ll summarise here,

1. Establish yourself as an industry authority
This is usually thought of as being just for the “big guys” but is just as valid for local businesses
2. Educate your customers
When people know a bit about what you do it becomes easier to convince them that you’re the one for them
3. Build your online brand presence
Use the right keywords in the right places and your blog article can rank very high in the search engines
4. Humanise your brand
People buy from people. Mix your blog content up a bit and add some personal colour and a bit of opinion.
5. Sell
New product launches, special offers, events. While these elements shouldn’t be the majority of your blog you absolutely should remember to tell everyone what you’re doing and give them the opportunity to buy.
6. Respond to a crisis
No news isn’t good news for your customers. Especially something has gone wrong and the bad news has broken. Take the opportunity to issue public statements that you can control.
7. SEO
Linking blog posts to other blog posts, your web pages to blog posts and vice-versa can all have a positive impact on the trust factor of internal pages and contribute to your website’s “likeability” from the search engines.

Please do check out the link at the top, there’s more detail there.

Do also check back here as we are going to be opening up our blog to our massively varied list of website customers and networking contacts. There’s going to be some really interesting stuff happening here! See you soon.