There are plenty of free ways of promoting your website and helping your business get found. If you dedicate a little time and a little thought to what you are trying to achieve the following tips will help get your website noticed.

At Orange Pixel we help you do the things that will work to get your business found, from websites to social media to text messaging systems and good old printing. Please do get in touch if you would like to talk about any of the tips below.

  1. Put your website on everything

    Don’t miss an opportunity to promote your website. Put it on envelopes, letterhead and business cards. Get it sign written on your car or van. Add a link from your email signature. Put it on everything – anywhere that someone might see it – you never know who will see and act upon it.

  2. Add testimonials to your website

    Have any of your customers said something nice about you? These words could be the most valuable sell for your website. Once posted, you can link to it from any blog, tweet or group page.

  3. Submit profiles

    If you pay to join an association or group make sure you complete your online profile. Ensure your profiles are consistent (across different groups), up to date and obvious.

  4. Start blogging

    It’s not scary! Spend a fixed amount of time each week writing short articles (aim for 300 – 350 words, it’s quick and easy to write and you won’t lose your reader half way through)
    Write about:

    • Industry news
    • Your new products or services
    • Tips and help for others (specific to your area of expertise)
  5. Promote your blog in social media

    Tweet out links to your blog, post links on LinkedIn and Facebook, or whichever social media you feel will best serve your business interests

  6. Add your website address to directories

    Find a local company directory or one associated with your industry, or your target clients’ industry – and add your company. Make sure it’s relevant to your business, don’t add your plumbing business to a directory of solicitors!

  7. Use your face

    People buy from people so make sure you add your photo to all your social media accounts. It doesn’t cost much to get a great professional portrait shot done

  8. Comment on someone else’s blog

    Find a good blogger in your industry, add to their ideas with your own in the comments field and get known for your ideas and your insights. There is usually an opportunity to include a link back to your website.