How much does your website really cost? Is it just the price of the initial design and build or do you find regular bills coming in that you just put down to “running costs”?

Whatever your aim for your website, be it lead generation, online sales or simply an online brochure to tell people what you do, these costs need to be assessed and understood.

5 questions to ask when you get your web design quote

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  • Do I have to pay ongoing hosting fees?
  • Are email addresses extra?
  • How much is domain registration, or domain transfer?
  • Do I have to write the words myself, how much is copywriting?
  • Are changes charged as extras?


These are the main areas where many web design companies find the opportunity to add to their advertised “lowest” prices. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this but you do need to be aware before you make your decisions.

It’s not uncommon for example to pay £15 per month for hosting, £5 per month for email, £25 per year for domain registration, and then £50 per hour for changes.

This can add another £365 per year to your initial investment of, say £495!
(assuming you need a couple of hours worth of changes per year – time that’s easily racked up)

Many companies give the first years hosting as part of the web build package but that still means that in the second year, without any design and build costs and with NO CHANGES you can still be spending £240 just to stand still. How many businesses today make no changes to their services or products in 12 months?

The Orange Pixel Approach

We do things a little differently. For a start we don’t charge the full web design fee upfront. We also don’t charge extra

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  • for changes
  • for hosting
  • for copywriting
  • for standard mailboxes

Our pricing and packages are completely transparent, for a small setup fee and then ongoing monthly payments the whole website package is fully inclusive.

Lets Compare

Orange Pixel Bronze website – Year 1 £39×12 + £149 = £617, Year 2 £468, all changes and updates included to keep your site fresh and truly representing your business. Total £1085

Traditional “cheap” web designers (limited advice, they do specifically what you ask – no more, you have to write your own words and understand what makes a website work) – Year 1 £495 + £365 = £760 and £365 in year 2, some changes included (strictly timed to 2 hours per year). Total £1225

To sum it up

Paying it all upfront can easily seem to be the best option, but you need to do your homework to really understand what you are getting for your money and what your ongoing liabilities are.

To discuss any of the points above or to find out more please leave a comment, drop us an email or just pick up the phone 02393 170 317 – we’d love to hear from you.