Deleting our Facebook page

Not something we have done yet but sometimes it’s worthwhile shaking a few new ideas into the mix.

Facebook is great, don’t get me wrong, and many businesses make it work for them.  They get lots of likes, they increase their exposure and they sell stuff.

It’s a bit embarrassing

For us though we have less than 100 likes on Facebook. Now, we have a lot more customers than that, a very many of them are recurring customers, paying us for a service every month but clearly they don’t feel a need to connect with us on what is mainly a “non-work” social platform.

So under 100 likes on Facebook is a bit embarrassing to be honest and I’m wondering whether that means there’s no point in having it.  It also brings up other questions,

  • Are we doing it wrong?
  • Are we doing it enough? (almost a definite no!)
  • Is it the right social media platform for us?
  • Should we have more of a strategy? (almost a definite yes!)
  • Should we just delete it?

What does work for marketing your business?

Well to be honest lots of things can but not all of them will. It will depend on the type of person you, as a business owner or marketing manager or sales manager are and it will depend on the type of business that you have.

The key is to keep it under review and look at what is the most identifiable source of revenue for you.

Things I’m not doing

  1. Networking
    Done my fair share and I have to say it made a big difference to my life. Not because I made money out of it but because I built relationships that shaped my future and clarified my position. I stopped because the benefits stopped coming and today I’m not doing any more. That doesn’t mean I won’t start again but it’s not on my priority list.
  2. Conferences/Exhibitions
    Either as visitor or exhibitor. They just don’t seem to work very well for me.  It could easily be because I’m not approaching it in the right way but I don’t really enjoy it that much and so will do other things first!
  3. Mass Email Marketing
    Tried this once, not a success. I will be doing some email marketing but it will be targeted and specific and to people I know. I can measure the ROI much more easily like this

Losing or Choosing

The key focus for me for the rest of this year is going to be to identify two or three main marketing channels and learn how to do all of them well or better.

Don’t let so-called gurus persuade you that you “must-do” this or that.  If Facebook doesn’t work for you bin it for now.  You’re not losing out, you’re choosing out in order to focus your attention somewhere else for now.

The Website

Whichever marketing methods we choose to pursue for the rest of this year there is one thing they will all have in common and at the centre of it all – our website.

  • If we are doing email marketing we point people to our website
  • If we are hand out a business card it points people to our website
  • If we advertise in a magazine we point people to our website
  • If we do Pay per Click advertising (Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) they point people to our website
  • If we blog the idea is to get people to our website and give us a call

In today’s business the website is the hub of all the marketing activity and it needs to reflect where you are as a business today. It needs to be up to date, mobile friendly, fast and concise.

Is yours?

If not give us a call – it’s what we do and we do it very well. WordPress Websites, WordPress Website Support, Ecommerce Websites and Search.

Will you be deleting your Facebook account? What will you be stopping or starting to do? Drop us a comment below.