Naturally, as a business you want to be able to give your customers what they want, and you want to deliver that in a friendly, professional and efficient manner. A customer who has been happy with your service is a customer who is likely to come back again and who is likely to tell their friends, family and colleagues about your company. In the past, a referral would have been word of mouth between a small group of people, but today thanks to social media, a referral could be a tweet or a Facebook ‘like’ that reaches hundreds of people in one hit, and thousands or even millions given a few days.

They say that bad news travels quickly, but today, thanks to powerful online marketing tools like social media platforms, so does good news, so by giving good customer service, you can be almost certain that it will be reported by your customers and will reach their friends through social media sites.

The Link Between Customer Service And Social Media

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter allow you to find out what your customers want from your business and what they don’t like about your business. This means that you can adapt your customer service to suit what your customers or clients have told you that they want. It also allows you to see trends, which means your business can keep up to date with trends and deliver the kind of service that is in demand. You really can listen to your customers more than ever before.

Social networking sites as an online marketing tool are also fantastic because you can notify thousands of people about changes to your company, new launches and special offers much more quickly than before.

Social networking also allows you to educate your customers too. You can post free articles about your service or product, share blog articles (see our free Easy Guide to Blogging Ebook to find out how) and really establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Social Networking Can Help You Identify Faults

A great thing about online marketing avenues like social media is the fact that any complaints or negative trends relating to your business will be apparent much more quickly and so you can deal with them as and when you need to.

Your website is very definitely the “hub” of your marketing activities but social media really has taken off and is now one of the most popular forms of additional online marketing, so don’t miss out and use it to its full potential as part of your overall marketing plan.

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