If you have recently launched a brand new website, you are probably feeling pretty pleased with yourself. A shiny new website, built using the latest technology, will make your business look better online and help people to find out the information they need to know about your brand, products and services.

But what if nobody can find you?

Your website should have been designed to include the necessary features to enable it to be easily accessible online. This will include making the site responsive, so that it can be viewed on mobile devices just as effectively as on a larger screen, featuring easy to use navigation and with relevant content and meta data to enable the site to be indexed and found in search.
However, these practices alone are not enough to build your brand online. So what can you do to get more exposure for your fantastic new website?

Build a blog and post regularly

Depending on the technology your site has been built on, it may feature an integral blog or news section where you can update website visitors with your latest company and industry news. This is your chance to talk about your areas of expertise and deliver helpful, interesting and engaging content to your readers. You can go into more depth on your blog than you would on the pages of your website and it will help to keep your site looking alive, as visitors can see that you update the blog regularly. Regular updates will also encourage the search engines to visit your site more frequently to index your content.

Make sure you go local

Every business has to start somewhere and even if you want national or global domination, it is important to be found in your local area first. Getting a local Google listing is the first place to start, as this will enable you to be found when people search for your business on Google Maps. Just search for Google My Business to get started and you can also set up a Google+ profile for your company at the same time.

Be sociable

Social media provides the perfect platform for building your brand. It shouldn’t be seen as a place to directly sell your goods, but as a channel for engaging with potential and existing customers and building trust and loyalty in your brand. Set up a Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ page and LinkedIn page at the bare minimum and make sure you update these regularly with not only your own news, but useful information shared from elsewhere on the web that your followers might find interesting. Linking social posts back to your website will help the people who like and follow your pages to visit your website for further information.

Make videos

Did you know that YouTube receives over 19 million monthly unique visits in the UK? This is a huge potential audience that you might be missing out on if you don’t include videos in your marketing strategy. Consider also that people prefer to digest information in different ways – some like reading text, some want to look at images, whereas others prefer to watch a video. Creating short, informative videos that explain how to use your products or services and which are uploaded to YouTube and other video channels will give your business another opportunity to be found online.
There are many other techniques and tools that you can use to gain more exposure for your website, but ultimately you need to remember that your website can’t do all the hard work by itself.
For more advice on being found online or to talk about your website design please get in touch.