As well as designing effective websites we also advise and encourage the use of offline marketing.

This can be anything from newspaper advertising to leaflets through the door and the method you choose will depend on what best targets your potential customers.  It could be that you are better off dropping leaflets through doors in the area instead of running an expensive radio advertisement if you run a takeaway because your target customers are likely to live locally.

The design of your marketing materials, your leaflets and business cards should always support your brand and at Orange Pixel we always make sure that your website is designed with that in mind.

Business Cards

Business cards are the most common method of offline marketing although their impact is often overlooked.  They are a quick and instant way of getting your business details over to a potential customer.

A simple business card with your colours, details and website on are timeless.  Even though technology and design move fast these days, planned well, your business card can stay current enough to stand the test of time and be useful to anyone that comes across it in the future.

photo (5)One of our website clients had a great idea for their business cards.  All About Windows are out and about in Hampshire and West Sussex all day in their van, so for a few pounds on ebay they got a magnetic card holder.  Now if they are parked up outside a customer’s house or even the local DIY store everyone has access to a business card.

Not Just Website Design

So now you know: We are not just a bunch of website designers from Hampshire. We specialise in eye catching, business winning websites yes, but we are made up of the individual skills needed to get your brand working.

So when your future customers visit the website that’s advertised on your leaflet or business card, make sure it’s designed by Orange Pixel.