A Orange Pixel Quick Tip to reach more people with your Facebook posts

So you’ve got your company Facebook Page set up.

You’ve asked friends and customers to like it (and, of course, you’ve liked theirs in return)

And you’ve started putting up some short items of news, company updates, photos etc.

You’re even getting a few likes and comments – good start!

Trouble is it’s the same few people all the time. That’s not a problem in itself, you’re building and reinforcing relationships every time you do this but wouldn’t it be great to reach a few more people and get them interacting with you and finding out about you and your business?

Try “Tagging” your photos and posts

What’s tagging in Facebook?

Simply put, it’s attaching a friends name to the post. Unfortunately Facebook don’t make it very easy to do this for a company page!

So here’s our Orange Pixel Quick Tip

Add a Facebook post to your company page (make sure you’re using Facebook as the page rather than as you).
Your post should include a photo.[/two_third_last] [clear]
After clicking the Post button switch to use Facebook as you.[/two_third_last] [clear]
Click on the photo and then click the Tag button.[/two_third_last] [clear]
Click on the photo again and tag a person or multiple people you know by starting to write their name and then selecting from the dropdown list.
Click Done Tagging.
And you’re done!

[/two_third_last] [clear]

The effect of this is that now the post appears on the timeline of the people you have tagged. This in turn means that your post gets seen on the Newsfeed of their friends, people that you don’t even know yet!

Word of warning

Anyone can untag themselves from pictures so make sure that you are posting something that you think they will be happy to be associated with.

For example: You’ve saved them a lot of money, you’ve made them feel a lot better or you’ve provided them with a product that they’re really proud of.

When you get a testimonial take a picture of it (or a screenshot), post it and tag the person who wrote it in the first place! That way you’ve shown them that you really value them as a customer AND you’ve let all their Facebook friends know that they recommend your service!

By extension, if you can tag 5 people and each of them has 100 friends your post has all of a sudden reached a potential 500 extra people! We all love a bit of free marketing don’t we!

Make the picture and the words as interesting as you can to encourage people to click to find out what their friends are up to.

How has your experience of Facebook tagging been? Have you had any problems? Have you got any other tips to add?

Drop us a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.