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A “Web Design Hampshire” Thought for the Day

Recently we have had a few phone calls from prospective customers asking us to look after their WordPress websites for them.  Mostly they have found us through searching for web design hampshire, or wordpress support hampshire, that kind of search.  They have then decided to give us a call.  All great so far.

Mostly their first question is “how much is it to…..” – understandable of course but not always easy to answer when I know full well that the service that we provide goes well beyond the service that many other companies offer.

All too often when I get to look at the WordPress admin area I find that the owner of the website hasn’t realised that they need to update WordPress, update plugins, configure backups, change admin username etc. in order to keep their website fully functional, safe and secure.

Worse though is that I then find out that their previous web designer has allowed the website to get into that condition and not done anything about it.

At Orange Pixel we take looking after websites seriously.  All websites are monitored, backed up and updated on a continuous basis.  When there’s an urgent security update all websites are updated within the day.  When an update breaks a website (it happens) it’s rolled back to a previous version quickly.

The “how much is it to…” question becomes less important when I can get that message across but unfortunately all too often the website/business owner does not value the availability and functioning of his website highly enough.

Here’s the list of jobs that WordPress themselves recommend as regular website maintenance

It’s easy to think of websites and website maintenance as a cost, after all it’s in the background and it’s a boring geeky thing, but it really should be seen as a profit centre.  The website is the core of a company’s marketing activity, it’s the place that almost every single customer will come to before getting in touch.

Why wouldn’t you spend money to make sure it works, is online and is truly showing your business off in the best light possible?

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Steve Lowsley
From overland expedition leading to corporate IT management to Web Design and Search Engine Marketing I've had a varied life so far! I now spend my time helping businesses succeed both on and offline with practical straightforward advice and help.