The concept of managed services is becoming increasingly popular with small and medium sized businesses because it offers a more cost effective way to improve your services. In a nutshell, managed services is a proven outsourcing approach whereby clients like you allocate technical work such as website management and updating, to a third party supplier for a flat monthly fee up to a predefined level of service.

Managed service contracts are most common in the IT Support world and is the model we at Orange Pixel Web Design use with our clients.

What are the benefits of adopting a Managed Service approach to outsourcing?

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  • Flat rate fees make budgeting accurate and easy by eliminating unexpected and unpredictable bills or nasty surprises. Rather than paying a large upfront fee, managed services allow you to spread the cost out over time
  • A managed services contract guarantees you fast access to expert help when you need it, reducing stress and time wastage. For example, we guarantee our clients that most changes to their website will be completed by our developers within two working days of submission to us
  • You save money because you are only paying for a “portion” of a person. No need to hire full time/part time staff with all the associated costs. Most small businesses cannot justify the costs associated with hiring their own in-house web developer. Managed services provide a viable alternative at a fraction of the cost
  • Hiring a specialist means that you get the job done right, first time around, saving you time and money. None of us can be an expert at everything, and we all know that a specialist, who is familiar with the system, will always complete a job far faster than an amateur.
  • By allowing our expert web developers to do the stuff that they do best, we allow your in-house staff to concentrate on what they do best i.e. Promoting and delivering your products and services.

If you want to know more about our managed service contracts for website design, development and updating give us a call or check out our own Orange Pixel website