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8 05, 2013

Are your Terms and Conditions Watertight?

By |May 8th, 2013|Business Tips, Our friends|0 Comments

It’s always difficult to know if a contract is legally watertight as we all know there’s only one way to test it.  In a court of law which, quite frankly, is the whole purpose of preparing a contract in the first place – to avoid a court of law. So if you don’t want to [...]

11 04, 2013

7 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Facebook Presence

By |April 11th, 2013|Our friends, Social Media|0 Comments

If you’re a small business looking to compete in today’s market via Internet advertising, do you actually need a Facebook page? There are two schools of thought on this, but since we’re well into 2013 and the facts speak for themselves, we’ll pretend that those that say “no” don’t even exist. The answer is a [...]

14 01, 2013

Ian Dickson Workshop – Orange Pixel review of the day

By |January 14th, 2013|Business Tips, Our friends, Personal Development|0 Comments

Last Friday (11th January 2013) saw the first of the Ian Dickson business planning workshops sponsored by Orange Pixel. A fantastic day and very inspiring to be in a room full of people passionate about their businesses and passionate about making 2013 a remarkable year. These days it's all too easy to get bogged down [...]

17 12, 2012

The Ultimate Business Planning Workshop

By |December 17th, 2012|Business Tips, Our friends|0 Comments

Update: This event has already passed and was an excellent day, read the review here If you could start 2012 all over again what would you do differently? Well the good news is that another New Year is just around the corner, so you can! Over the last few years we at Orange Pixel have [...]

22 11, 2012

Ready, Set, GOAL! 20 goal setting tips

By |November 22nd, 2012|Business Tips, Our friends, Personal Development|0 Comments

1. If it’s not in writing, it’s not a goal An unwritten want is a wish, a dream, a never-happen. If it’s in writing, it’s a commitment. 2. If it’s not specific, it’s not a goal Broad desires and lofty aims have no effect. It must be concrete. 3. Goals must be believable If you [...]

28 05, 2012

The New Cookie Law – What you need to know

By |May 28th, 2012|Business Tips, Our friends, Website Design|0 Comments

Monday 28th May 2012 Today is officially the first day for UK businesses to embrace the new legislation governing the use of cookies. As of today, businesses that run websites will need to be able to show their compliance with the new law. For non compliance, the governing body responsible for the new law (Information [...]

28 05, 2012

Effective Communication – A simple 5 step process

By |May 28th, 2012|General Interest, Our friends, Personal Development|0 Comments

Many years ago, when I was first learning to drive, my Father gave me some very wise advice.  He said – act as if all drivers are idiots.  What he meant by this was not to treat them as idiots but rather to imagine that they may do idiotic things. The purpose of this was [...]

7 02, 2012

Everybody needs Respect

By |February 7th, 2012|Our friends, Personal Development|Comments Off on Everybody needs Respect

Everybody needs Respect. It’s easier to do anything with anyone when you are held in respect and so difficult without it. Respect comes from within – no one will respect you if you don’t respect yourself. In Part 1 of this article we looked at the part our BELIEFS played in achieving self respect. We [...]

1 02, 2012

Stand up for yourself and gain respect

By |February 1st, 2012|Our friends, Personal Development|Comments Off on Stand up for yourself and gain respect

Ask anyone you meet how they would they like to be treated at work. At the top of most peoples’ list is the desire to be treated with dignity and respect. In this 2 part blog we look at how you achieve this through the Beliefs we hold about ourselves and in the second part, [...]

18 01, 2012

Motivating Remote Teams – 9 simple ideas

By |January 18th, 2012|Business Tips, Our friends|Comments Off on Motivating Remote Teams – 9 simple ideas

In continuation from my last post I thought I’d talk a little bit about the importance of extending your approach to recognition and reward to include the remote team members. No news isn’t good news It’s all too easy to assume that because you haven’t heard anything that everything is OK but don’t make the [...]

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