Have you noticed the Google Doodle today?

Today Google have introduced a great new logo and I love it! It doesn’t stop on the search either. They are changing a lot of the brand from mobile search to Google + and voice search.

Watch the video below for a brief history.  See if you recognise them all.

They haven’t just simply changed the logo either.  Google have taken the new modern flat colourful look and created animated icons and gifs to tell you how Google is working for you. For example, a colourful mic to help you identify and interact with them whether you’re talking, tapping or typing. Here at Orange Pixel we are loving the new four-colour “g” icon that matches the logo.


The new flat & clean custom typeface Product Sans, “takes cues from that same schoolbook letter-printing style, but adopts the neutral consistency we’ve all come to expect from a geometric sans serif,” Google posted on its blog.

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