Warning: This article contains biased advice!

Choosing a company to build your new website is not easy.  There are hundreds of us about, even in your local area.  Orange Pixel are based near Portsmouth and a local Google search shows at least 100 companies offering website design.

So how do you choose?

Here are a few tips,

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  • Ask people you know.  While everyone is going to have different experiences with any company it’s a good place to start.
  • Look for examples of their work.  Are they prepared to show them off on their website? Are there plenty to look at? Have they got experience in your area of business?
  • Do they have testimonials from customers? Why not phone the customer and ask how their experience has been?
  • Do they include hosting? This is often charged extra and is the cost of having the website on a server that is well connected to the Internet.
  • Do they include copywriting?  It’s usually the biggest thing that delays you. Words are the most important part of the website and it can be hard to take yourself out of your business and write objectively in a way that sells.  Visitors need to understand what you do very quickly and Google needs to know how to decide when to show off your sites.
  • Do they include emails and domain registration?  These little “extras” add to the cost and sometimes aren’t visible up front.
  • Do they include a change and support service? If not how much is it? You will often find that companies say that you can do your own updates, but then, if you get it wrong they will charge you to put it right.  Do you really want to be learning how to do all that yourself? Or would you prefer professionals to just get on with it for you?

Designing a website and getting it out on the Internet is just the start of the journey.  From there you want it to work for you.  To do that it helps to have experts on hand to give you advice and support as well as actually doing the work for you.

At Orange Pixel our website service is just that – a service. We have always focused on making it really easy to have a website, we take care of everything, including all the updates and changes that you need along the way.  We also have hundreds of customers who will back up what we say!

Take a look through our site and then give us a call if you have any questions, we are here to help.