At the end of last month, Google made a rather important announcement and in doing so, broke the mould. Though the search engine doesn’t usually let us know about planned changes to their algorithms, Google announced that from 21 April they will be expanding their use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal.

What does this mean to your business?

It means that if your website is not optimised for a mobile audience, you may not be found in search when people are looking for the products or services you provide.

By changing the way websites rank based on how mobile-friendly they are, Google are increasing the relevance of search results to deliver a better experience to users. This is great if you have a responsive website or mobile app and can truly say that no matter what device people use to connect with your business online they’ll have the same great user experience.

But what if you can’t?

Google have gone against the grain in giving us a date for these new changes thereby delivering a great opportunity to take action whilst you still have time.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Establish whether your site is mobile friendly – we explain how to tell whether your website is responsive
  • Check your Webmaster Tools account to see whether you have had any messages from Google telling you that your site has mobile usability issues
  • Check your Google Analytics account to see what portion of your traffic comes via a mobile device – this includes mobile phones and tablets
  • Consider rebuilding or updating your website so that it is mobile friendly

At the end of the day, the mobile revolution isn’t going anywhere. Traffic from mobile devices is continuing to grow and with other new devices entering the market, such as smart watches, TVs and wristbands, more and more of our internet usage is becoming mobile.

As search is the most common starting point for mobile research (source: Google/Nielsen Path to Purchase Study 2013), it is vital that your business can be found at this starting point for the products or services you provide. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, come 21st April, you may miss out on this mobile audience altogether.

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