Make sure all the pages on your website have unique title tags that are relevant to the content of the page on your site.

There it is – not new, not particularly clever but, if done right, still the easiest and quickest way of getting Google to sit up and understand what your web page is all about.

A title tag is likely to appear in three different places, all of which are visible to people as well as search engines,

  1. In the search engine listing (the blue bit that is clickable)
  2. In the tab of your web browser (at the very top of the web page)
  3. On external websites and social media links and shares

This means that it has a second job – to let the reader of your page or article know what it’s about before they decide to read it.

The title tag is placed in the header area of a page and looks like this,

<title>This is what shows in Google in Blue</title>

Its name actually gives the game away, it is the title of the page. Much as one would give time and thought to the title of a book or a song to encourage sales the same goes for web pages.

What should I put in my title?

Firstly the title should 50 – 60 characters long, search engines will not always use what you write but quite often will. If you can keep the title to below 55 characters then most of your titles will appear correctly.

Note: Remember that a space is a character

The job of the title is to let someone (or a search engine) know what to expect. If I am targeting a search of Web Design Hampshire a suitable title might be

Web Design Hampshire

But if I have the opportunity to use 55 characters for additional benefit then I might as well! So a better title might be

Web Design Hampshire | WordPress | Orange Pixel

In fact even that is only 43 characters so with a bit more thought I could probably add another keyword!

How do I actually add a title tag?

Unfortunately that will vary according to the way your site is built. If you’d like some specific advice please do drop us a line at or call on 023 9317 0317. We’d love to hear from you!