Why Hire a Web Management Service

A web management service has a great cost-benefit analysis. Get tedious worries off your plate and focus on your business for affordable prices.

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You’ve probably never heard of Red Adair.

Most likely you have no idea what he’s known for (spoiler alert: you find out at the bottom of this post). And you certainly haven’t a clue why we’re talking about him in a blog about web management service.

It’s because of this poignant advice he gave: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

So simple, yet so profound. And so true.

Many small businesses either believe they can’t afford a web management service or they think they can handle it “in-house.” But in today’s digital economy, both concepts are flawed.

Let’s explore why leaving your website maintenance to professionals is not an expense, but an investment in the growth of your company.

Time Is Money

Sure, it’s a bit of a cliche, but it delivers the message clearly. Do you want to spend your time making sure your website is working the way it’s intended?

If you answered “yes” then here are just a few of the simple site diagnostics to run regularly:

  • Website loading speed: use this online tool from GTmetrix to test it.
  • Individual web page performance: use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to run evaluations and get recommendations on how to optimize page speed
  • Site responsiveness: test how easily your site loads on mobile devices here

These all fall into the category of regular maintenance. We know you have more important things to do with your valuable time.

Why You Need Web Management Service?

When a company grows, realigns, or offers a new product or service their website needs to reflect those changes. Failing to update the site equals lost revenue.

Adding new pages, updated contact forms, or advanced functionality isn’t rocket science. But for the owner or employee who doesn’t use site management tools regularly, the tasks become very time-consuming.

Here are some other advantages of partnering with a web management service:

  1. Monitor uptime (and address downtime with immediate action). The dreaded “site not found” or 404 error costs money and affects your reputation.
  2. If you have a WordPress site, staying on top of the updates is almost a full-time job. This tedious task is definitely one to outsource.
  3. Run security checks — with the sophistication of hackers and malware these days, regular security checks and updates are necessary for the protection of your company and your customers.
  4. Perform daily backups. If your site is affected by some nefarious internet hack it sometimes needs to be rolled back to the most recent version. Would you rather that version be from a few days ago or from months ago? (Don’t answer. That’s rhetorical.)

What it really boils down to is your ultimate goals for your business. Is having the peace of mind that your support services will provide regular, accurate updates and changes worth it?

Follow Red’s Advice

If you’re a business owner, focusing on daily operations to generate profits is what you do best. Do you honestly have the time or resources to research digital marketing trends? the latest WordPress plug-ins? to upgrade your SSL certificate?

Or are you ready to take Red Adair’s advise and leave the technical stuff to experts?

And now for the big reveal…

Red Adair was a “swashbuckling troubleshooter renowned for taming huge oil-well fires.” Nope. Nothing at all to do with web management service.

But at Orange Pixel we have everything to do with it. Our monthly services are affordable, professional, and necessary. Contact us to find out how we can help your business succeed.