While browsing the Internet recently have you noticed that some browsers are giving warnings about the site being insecure?

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On sites that require a login you sometimes even get a warning on a form

The reason for these messages is that a site does not have an SSL certificate.  SSL is the technology that ensures that all communication between you and a website is encrypted.  Any person or software “catching” your form entries as they fly across the Internet will not be able to decode them.

What you (or your visitor) really want to see is something like this


This has always been essential when typing in your credit card information.  It’s now considered important for all your interaction with a website and so browsers are letting you know very quickly if a site isn’t secure.

Why do I need SSL?

The biggest reason – Trust

You visitors will trust your business more if they can see that you have taken the trouble to secure your communication with them. A little locked padlock next to your domain name in the address bar really does count (even better in Firefox where it’s green too!)

Next – Google likes a secure website.  There are lots of indicators that suggest that Google is giving a slight ranking preference to websites that are https.  Put more simply:

If your website is https and your competitor’s is not you will get a little boost in the search ranking.

How do I get secure?

In short the easiest way is to ask us to install an SSL certificate for you.

The cost of adding an SSL certificate to a website has reduced dramatically over the last couple of years but there is still a cost.

Many websites can take advantage of a free SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt which provides a basic level of authentication.  In this case the only cost is for the installation of the certificate and the reconfiguration of your website to accept, and default to, the secure encrypted https protocol.

Our price for doing this is £149 + VAT

If for any reason your website cannot have an SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt installed or you would prefer to have one from a recognised commercial certificate provider then we can help with this as well.

There will be an additional cost for the certificate and then an annual renewal fee. Prices vary so ask us for details.