Link Building Service

Automated link building service. Improve your search presence by building those ever important links to your website.

OK let’s get straight to the point.

The power of the Google web search is the way it uses links to a website to assess whether that website is “any good”.

More links pointing to a website = Better website.

After all, who would go to the effort of directing you to a website that’s rubbish?  Why would they do that?

In the last 10 years or so of Google things have moved on a bit and the Google method is way more complex and sophisticated but still, one thing that remains constant is that Google sees, assesses and rewards (or penalises) links to a website.

As implied in the last sentence not all links are good links.

And this is where we come in.

We will get your links for you.  But not just any links.  We use a link building strategy that has worked over and over again and is constantly refined using current market data.

We don’t make huge promises.  We don’t baffle you with pseudo SEO science.  We do use a fined tuned system to create the links that will help your site be recognised by Google.

This is a long term link building service. Results don’t happen overnight but if you target the right pages with the right keywords you will see a difference.

How does it work?

After you’ve chosen your package,

  1. Submit your keywords and web pages to target
  2. Errrrr…. get on with your normal daily routine
  3. After a few weeks you’ll have links

We’ll send you a report showing you what links have been created and the credentials used to create the articles with the links on, we will also let you know the extra bits that we do to replicate the natural path of new web content becoming interesting to Google


  • Best for low competition keywords
  • You tell us 3 web pages to target and two keywords for each
  • 1 article with approx 6 links
  • followed up with web 2.0 properties,social bookmarks, profile links and then a longer term system of dripping additional article submissions


  • Best for medium competition keywords
  • You tell us 5 web pages to target and three keywords for each
  • 5 articles with approx 32 links
  • as with the small package – just more of it! it is this part of the system that really adds the value and makes the whole thing work!

High Competition

  • Supercharged package
  • You tell us 5 web pages to target and three keywords for each
  • 24 extra quality articles with approx 48 links
  • again, a supercharged version of the small package with articles and properties being added over a few weeks to replicate natural virality

Prefer to talk to us rather than filling in a form? Please give us a call on 01730 887444.

We’ll get things going for you!

Natural Link Building Strategy

The link building strategy we use was developed in the most competitive niches and therefore works everywhere. We focus on replicating a natural link structure that closely follows the path of popular content on the web. There is no hidden magic and we don’t make promises to boost sales or get you to Number 1. It’s just an automated, very successful link building system that works.

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