If you’ve been considering upgrading your website or are looking at getting a website for a brand new business venture you’ve probably got bombarderd with jargon that you’ve never heard before.

Responsive web design is one of those terms that simply didn’t exist a few years ago but that, now, it’s hard to avoid when looking for a website. It’s come about because of the increasing use of mobile phones and tablet computers such as iPads, Kindle Fires and Galaxy Notes to look at websites.

What is a Responsive Website?

responsive-contentA responsive website is one that “changes shape” according to the device it is being viewed on. The layout on a small screen mobile phone will be very different from on a desktop PC or laptop but the content will still be very readable – very accessible – and will encourage the viewer to contiunue browsing the site.

Before responsive websites came about this was usually achieved by creating a second “mobile-friendly” website but advances in web technology (mainly HTML5 and CSS3 for those interested) have meant that it’s possible to do it with one “responsive” website.

Is my website responsive?

Is a very reasonable question to ask! The easiest way to find out is to simply make your browser window narrower. Do this slowly and see if the items on the page rearrange themselves so that they are lined up one below another rather than next to each other.

A more advanced way would be to use one of the websites that have recently sprung up to help you test, for example

These both show how your site looks on a variety of mobile devices. If the page looks exactly the same but a whole lot smaller then it’s safe to say that your website is not responsive.

Should I have a responsive website?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this but if people are looking at your website from a mobile device then it kinda makes sense to make it work as well as possible on that device – without pinching in and out and scrolling left and right all the time.

The fact is that Google report that now over 20% of web apges are viewed from mobile devices – that’s 1 in 5.

Can you afford to miss out on 20% of the people who’ve found their way to your site?

At Orange Pixel all websites that we produce are responsive as a matter of course – we don’t really even “sell” the fact. As far as we are concerned a website made in 2014 should be responsive so that our customers have the best chance of making an impact with their website visitors.

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