Mobile websites are rapidly becoming a must-have addition to your marketing mix. Why?

Well, for starters, smart phones (3G Internet enabled phones) are now outselling regular mobiles. One of the main reasons for this is that you can now have the Internet with you wherever you are – but more importantly people are now USING the Internet wherever they are. At home watching TV, at the bus stop, in the high street, by the coffee machine at work… anywhere and everywhere.

So do I need one?

mobile website design portsmouth
Firstly it’s worth asking yourself the following,

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  • Are you a local business?
    According to Google over 50% of mobile searches are local searches.
  • Do people need to find your product/service NOW?
    If people need you now they don’t get out their laptop and surf around to find you – they use their mobile e.g. 24 hr Plumber, café in town, solicitor.
  • Do people need to find your offices?
    Make it easy for your customers to get hold of you. Phone with one touch, see a map on the contact page, email you right away.
  • Does your target market use smart phones?
    If they do (and let’s face it more and more people every day are switching) you need to be at your best for them however they find you.

What’s the difference?

The easiest way to answer this is to demonstrate. One of the best examples is the BBC website. The information is optimised for viewing on a mobile phone with everything easily readable without having to zoom in and out.

Who has mobile websites?

All the big players are rapidly moving towards mobile optimised sites but, in most cases, it’s taking quite a while for them to get there – that’s mainly because of the size of their sites.

This means that there is a huge opportunity right now to steal a march on both the big guys and your own local competitors. We launched our mobile website offering with the launch of our new site and while we still haven’t done ours (I know, I know!) we are seeing a big take up from both our existing customers and new ones. Watch this space for new launches in the near future!

The cheeky sales pitch 🙂

Mobile websites are available as an addon to your main website for just an additional £10 per month.

This means you can have a brand new website PLUS a mobile website for only £45 per month!

Take a look here for details, call us now on 02392 37325 or drop us a line at