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Improve your search presence by building content and links

At Orange Pixel we make websites. Websites that work. Websites that build trust and encourage some form of action from the visitor.
The next ingredient that you need to add to make this all work is visitors. Since a large number of people will find a product or service by searching on Google it is worth investing in some tools to give you a bit of a head start over the majority of your competitors.

We are not an SEO company as such but we do know of a few things that can work really well. Google loves links into a site, especially ones from sites with authority. Google also loves to see that you are active on your website, publishing news and opinion articles and generally trying to inform your visitor base and help them in their efforts to find what they need.
We are very pleased to be able to offer a range of semi-automated solutions designed to get more people to your website by making you appear higher in a search.

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How does it work?

After we’ve had a talk about what you want to achieve, what keywords you think your customers will be using and what your budget for search is we will then come up with a monthly package of concentrated ACTION.
We do not give vague promises about SEO and getting you business and making your life better, we will agree with you what we will do and then we will DO it.
As with any marketing campaign you have to give it time, there is no quick fix to SEO but you will see results over time.

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