If you’re a small business looking to compete in today’s market via Internet advertising, do you actually need a Facebook page? There are two schools of thought on this, but since we’re well into 2013 and the facts speak for themselves, we’ll pretend that those that say “no” don’t even exist. The answer is a big “yes!” A billion times over. If your brand doesn’t have a strong social media presence, it might not be able to compete well at all going forward.

Okay, so all of that is easy to say. It seems more like a promotion for Facebook than it does legitimate business advice. So why exactly is having a Facebook presence so important for a business? You don’t have to take an article’s word for it. The statistics and the benefits will tell the tale. Check them out below and see the many different reasons you should create a brand presence on Facebook.


7 Reasons to Make A Pitch on Facebook

1: The Sheer Size of the Site

Facebook currently has over one billion users on its site, the majority of which are just everyday users and not advertisers. Overall, members of Facebook spend more time on this site than any other social network. They log in more frequently, they stay longer, they visit more during the weekends, and Facebook is still king of social networking in terms of rolling out user-friendly updates to draw more people in.

2: SEO Potential

The SEO potential of Facebook is tremendous. The site dominates search rankings on engines like Google and Bing. If someone is performing a search, the way you optimize your Facebook page will give your brand a higher likelihood of being found than if you were simply to optimize a regular website. Facebook and its constant relevant content drowns out other SEO efforts you could make elsewhere.

3: Effective Ad Targeting

Ad targeting is very effective on Facebook. Not only does the site give you a slew of features to use to target more people, like Promoted Posts and Custom Audiences, but there are also many third-party ad-management apps that work brilliantly with Facebook to help you effectively target more and better users.

4: Ease of Use

Facebook is also very easy to use. To set up a profile page, to create and launch different posts, to change your images and to create albums and reply back to people – it’s all contained in a very streamlined interface that’s easy for anyone to understand. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Facebook well.

5: Cost-Effective Brand Building

If you want to make short-term revenue and quickly go from click to conversion, Google ads are often a better option. However, when someone has made a purchase through a Google ad, there’s nothing more to gain. On Facebook, on the other hand, you can keep the customer and build a relation with him or her. If you work on your Facebook page and publish likable and shareable content, advertising may not only create sales but also strong, cost effective brand building.

6: Mobile Potential

If you were to stick with your own website, you would have to adapt your site regularly to keep up with the mobile push. In only a few short years, we’re going to have more mobile subscriptions on the planet than actual people. Are you prepared to create different apps and different versions of your website to cater to each device? With Facebook, they’re the ones doing most of catering. Sure, you have to advertise specifically to each device, but in terms of formatting and how mobile users view content, Facebook handles the heavy lifting. This allows you to simply advertise without stressing too much over design.

7: Accessible Data

Being able to view real-time data pertinent to your campaign is crucial for initial and continued success. Facebook’s data is easy to view, easy to decipher, and they have a ton of interesting, pertinent metrics that can help you grow, like viewing your reach to your friends of fans, and seeing how many actions were taken per ad and by whom.

As you can deduce from the above points, Facebook pretty much sells itself in terms of a must-have for any brand looking to compete in today’s market. If you think you can go without these benefits and still achieve success, more power to you. But if you want to take advantage of these many benefits, then creating a Facebook presence is how to achieve growth.

This post is written by Craig Robinson of Qwaya.com. Details below.