SSL Installation Service

Keep your website secure with SSL encryption

SSL Installation Service

Installing an SSL certificate on your website is becoming increasingly important but it’s not as simple as just clicking a button.

Today’s web browsers are very quick to highlight when a site does not use HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP.  Until recently, if your website didn’t require user interaction or didn’t involve the entering of credit card details or any other kid of purchase, you didn’t really need to install an SSL certificate.

Things have changed

Nowadays if a site is not secured with an SSL certificate you will get a warning in the browser saying that the site you are on is “Not Secure”

This can look like,

this  or this  or even this

when what you really want is,

this  or this 

SSL Installation Service

We will add a free lets Encrypt SSL certificate for you on any hosting product that allows it.

If it is not possible to add a free one then we can purchase and install a paid one for you. In fact some businesses prefer to avoid “free” products – that’s fine with us too and there are some advantages to choosing a more complete SSL solution.

There are options to have domain validation, organisation validation or extended validation certificates.

With paid SSL certificates there is a one off purchase fee and then an annual renewal fee.

Not sure which one you need?  Get in touch and we will talk you through the different types of SSL certificate.

Free SSL

Installation only


one-off fee

Domain Validation SSL






per year

Book and pay for your SSL Installation today.  Once we receive your completed form we will be in touch to ask you for any additional details we need.

  • Price: £ 149.00 Quantity:
  • American Express

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