The Customer

Chimflue are a well-established business in Andover who supply and install chimney and flue systems mainly to the commercial sector. They also have a trade counter selling many different parts to the general trade.

They came to us with an existing website that had just got out of date.  The website was not mobile friendly and was created on a proprietary system that could only be accessed by the web company.  Keeping the website up to date took so long and cost so much that they, in effect, just stopped bothering.

The Idea

We wanted to make it very clear from the outset what it is that Chimflue do.  We also thought it very important to make use of the high quality photos and technical drawings that they have to document their projects.

It was also important to make it clear that they are not chimney sweeps and not the people to get in touch with when you want a wood burning stove installed.

The home page leads with large photos of some of their prestigious jobs and then scrolls to a description of what they do and links to other parts of the site.  The background of the homepage is a faded out technical drawing of a complex flue installation.

The completed projects are one of their biggest selling points and so each portfolio item is configured in a similar way with consistent text and image placement.  Strong calls to action are visible throughout the site.

Another requirement was to prominently display their industry accreditations so all the logos are visible at the bottom of every page.

A news page is used to give updates on projects and tenders that the company is involved and well as other company information.

The Result

The site can be seen here

All requirements were met or exceeded with a complete solution delivered on time and at the pre-agreed price.

Within just a couple of months of going live the website had generated more interest and enquiries than the old one did in 3 years.