Meaningful Conversations

Our Brief

One of our long standing customers Geoff Hudson Searle has, over the last few years become a successful and well-respected author.  As well as having his main business site he writes a well-subscribed business blog Freedom After the Sharks.  Freedom After the Sharks is also the title of his first book, a largely autobiographical visit into the world of a boy from a difficult background who makes good and rises very quickly to the top of several large corporations.

This website is to help back up his marketing for his second book Meaningful Conversations.  This second book is much more of a “business book” in the traditional sense.  Geoff undertook a wide-ranging marketing campaign to promote it and this website provides the “hub” for all the marketing activity.

The Result

It was key, from the start that the website was simple and easy to navigate. Additionally it was clear that there wasn’t going to be a huge amount of content to accommodate.  We chose to implement a one page design with each navigational area split into clearly defined sections.

The main job of the site was to direct people to either find out more about Geoff and the book and to help people buy it.

The site offers a brief synopsis of the book, information and videos about Geoff and links to the sites selling it.  It also offers a download of a free chapter.

The site can be seen here