Premier Magazine

Our Brief

Premier Magazine is one of Surrey’s top lifestyle magazines.  It is delivered, by Royal Mail, to some of the most affluent postcodes in the area and showcases the most luxurious products and services available.

Though well established as a magazine the website had not been developed in any meaningful way for a long time.  It was a distinctly non premier website!

Realising that the website was actually hurting their brand Premier Magazine turned to us for help in showing them off on the Internet in the best light possible.

The Result

The new website is fully responsive, i.e. mobile friendly and is designed to appeal to both readers, potential subscribers and to advertisers alike.

It reflects the quality of the magazine itself and continues the reader’s journey once they have finished with the coffee table magazine. It was also designed to give the owners an online addition to their reach, a place to display their latest news in between editions as well as to admit prize draw entries and other promotional activity

A last very important element was that they needed to be visible in searches, particularly searches by luxury brand advertisers. This was achieved very quickly and their advertising revenue has increased as a result

Visit the website here