All about Orange Pixel Web Design – Our “WHY”


At Orange Pixel Web Design we have a simple mission. To help businesses succeed.

We have always believed that buying and maintaining a website should be easy and affordable – for all businesses.

Our service has been built from the ground up with this in mind. We know from talking to hundreds of business owners how frustrating the experience of getting a website can be.

So we changed it!

We make it really easy for you. After a comprehensive meeting where we talk about your business you send us the details that we ask for and we do the rest. Your website is delivered to you 4 weeks later. Everything is taken care of – including the worst bits – writing the words for your site and dealing with all the technicalities.

Who are we?

Business owners, IT professionals, customer support specialists, programmers, marketers, salespeople, web designers. There are lots of labels you could put on our individual skills and as a team we collectively have the lot!

What unites us though is our passion and our desire to make a difference. Call Orange Pixel today

So what? What does this mean to me?

Fair point! It means that when you come to Orange Pixel Web Design for a website you get the benefit of our combined years of experience and skill to ensure that you get exactly the website your business deserves and then all the technical support and advice that you need to keep it current and working for you – for ever.

In today’s business world a website is essential. Not just any website though, one that is unique and truly reflects exactly what the company does and how they do it.


Because the website is the hub of all your marketing activity. When people hear about you from a friend they check out your website. When they pick up your leaflet, see your ad, see your van, meet you at a networking event or exhibition, receive an email, pick up a business card or open a brochure they check out your website.

It is critical that your website tells them very quickly everything that they need to know about you so that they can make their decision to buy from you.

Our Promise

Moving to Orange Pixel Web Design is really easy. We meet (or talk on the phone). You send us all the information and files that we need.

From then on we just get on with it and create the perfect website for your business.

Working with Orange Pixel Web Design as your web partner is even easier! When you need help or changes just drop us an email – done!

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