Website designs are continually evolving as new design trends emerge. Here’s a summary of the hottest trends compiled by the friendly and talented developer team at Orange Pixel, Hampshire’s favourite small business web designers.

Trend 1 – Less is more!

Simple clean, easy to navigate sites are popular with our clients and their customers. Not only because they look fabulous but also because they generate more sales and leads. At Orange Pixel web design, we recommend that you avoid large blocks of dense text in favour of short, concise, paragraphs with plenty of white space. Combine this minimalist approach with bold solid colours and tiles to create a website that is appealing and effective.

Trend 2 – Be creative with video

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then a short, well-made video is worth a whole lot more. Despite all the evidence proving that websites with video perform better than those without, many organisations have yet to embrace this powerful medium. Video is perfect for company introductions, product demonstrations and testimonials, but it can do so much more. Videos showing whiteboard animations are proving to be an engaging and effective way to hold a visitors attention long enough to make a powerful case. New developments in software mean that these videos are now an affordable option even for small businesses.

Trend 3 – Responsive sites that auto-resize to suit the screen they are being viewed on

Website design used to be simpler because most people viewed a website on the home of office PC monitor. Today more and more people are browsing using smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets, and a conventional website may be almost unreadable on these smaller portable devices. The ideal solution is a website that automatically adjusts to suit the type of device it is being viewed on. At Orange Pixel, our dazzling web designers recommend that all our clients choose one of our new responsive themes. We do this because we want their website to perform well regardless of the type of device being used to view it. Is your website responsive?

Trend 4 – Use big bold photographs

Instead of having a plain background and a few small images, many sites are now using large, oversized photographs as a backdrop for their content and links. High quality images grab the reader’s attention and draw them in more effectively than a plain background. Does your website need updating?

Trend 5 – Use single page, “sales letter” sites to maximise the chances of reader action

Most companies have a main website with a sophisticated design, multiple pages and lots of links. The problem with these larger sites is that the reader can get lost or distracted. Many companies are now supplementing their main sites with single page sites designed to get the reader to do one thing and one thing only e.g. to buy a product or to sign up to a mailing list. We often create these one page sites for our new and existing clients because they convert so well thanks to their lack of distracting navigation links and unmistakable single call to action.

For some great examples of these principles in action, checkout the Orange Pixel design showcase. Give us a call if you’d like to know how our developers can help you…