It’s a small thing but one that I find quite annoying!

By default when you are logged into your WordPress site you get a WordPress toolbar across the top of your site.

wordpress tips

Personally I use two tabs, one to make changes in the back end of the site, one to check the result of the change was what I expected. The toolbar just distracts me.

Turning it Off

To turn it off,

  1. Go to Users -> Your Profileremove wordpress toolbar
  2. In the Personal Options area, next to Toolbar, uncheck (untick if you are English) the box saying “Show Toolbar when viewing site”
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Update Profile” button

Voila! The toolbar disappears!

If you have any more WordPress questions please feel free to get in touch, we’ll always do our best to help out.

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