As 2014 nears its end and pre-Christmas chaos takes over, at Orange Pixel we have other things on our minds as we anticipate the web design trends we’ll be seeing in 2015.
Based on our extensive design experience, what the big brands are doing and the latest changes in technology, here are our predictions for the website design trends that will take 2015 by storm:

Responsive Design

Ok, so we have been here before and you may recall that 2014 was billed as the ‘year of responsive design’ however, statistics show us that many businesses are still not adopting a mobile friendly marketing strategy. Responsive websites offer the ultimate user experience and with 32% of UK consumers making purchases on their smartphones, creating sites that look brilliant and have full functionality on all devices will be a must in 2015.

Minimalist Design

Clean and crisp design that is clear of clutter is much more appealing to website visitors and makes responsive design more effective. A cleanly designed site allows you to present your content with more purpose and make it obvious to site users what they need to read, watch or engage with first. This can also help with conversion as you are not giving your site visitors too many confusing options. In 2015 it will not be so much about filling all of the available space as making more of whitespace to create something that is overall very effective and appealing.

Video Engagement

Did you know that YouTube is the number 2 search engine and that forty percent of its traffic comes from mobile devices? If you don’t have a website that caters for those people who search via video channels and prefer to watch rather than read content, then you may get left behind in 2015. Videos are a great way to make your product, service or team members more credible – they can be informative, helpful and engaging and don’t have to be made professionally to have the desired impact. Our advice is to make a series of short, snappy videos that demonstrate how your product works or perhaps features a series of short interviews with your most important people to help engage and excite your audience.

Go big with images

Whilst limitations on bandwidth used to restrict the size of images used on websites, this is gradually becoming less important as technology develops and internet speeds increase. We predict that super-sized images will be an important part of web design in 2015 with the emergence of new and innovative ways to resize images so that websites can effectively adapt to whatever screen size they are being viewed on.
Web design trends come and go and none of us really know what is around the corner, but one thing we can say is that our team of web designers are looking forward to 2015 and the challenges of harnessing the latest trends and technologies to create fantastic websites for our customers.