A new website often has a major positive impact on your sales and enquiries but how do you know when it’s time to do something about it, pick up the phone and talk to your web designer?

Website technologies have moved on a lot in the last few years as has the look of websites.  Big pictures, large text, very bold fonts, very light fonts, parallax (where the image is fixed while the site moves) are all obvious on many newer sites.

Perhaps the biggest difference from a few years ago is the advancement of responsive web design.  This is often what people call “mobile friendly websites” and is the technology that allows the web page to re-order and resize itself depending on the screen on which it is viewed.  Google is now actively penalising sites that are not mobile friendly, they won’t rank as high as mobile friendly sites.

So how do you know it’s time to invest a little in the hub of all your marketing activities?

1. When you find yourself making excuses

Ever handed over your business card and said “that’s my website but don’t worry too much about what it says, I haven’t updated it in a while”

2. When you’re embarrassed to hand out the address

“Errm, yes I have a website but look at our leaflet instead…”

3. When it looks, well, “old”

Scrolling ticker banners were in for a while. Flashing calls to action had their time as did the little message telling you it’s 10:15 on Monday 4th June but things have moved on and your audience is expecting something a little slicker than that

4. When you have to pinch or zoom on a tablet or mobile

A classic sign that a site is not “mobile friendly”.  These days it really needs to be.  If you are selling products or services to the public you can easily find that over 80% of your traffic comes from a mobile device.  Make it easy for them to buy from you.

5. When you are getting visitors but no leads

Users of websites are very fickle. They know what they expect to see and if you aren’t showing it to them they will walk – and quickly.  Just because your website was a lead magnet for years you can’t expect it to stay that way without keeping it up to date with new trends

6. When your competitors’ websites are better than yours

Lets face it, everyone shops around and first impressions really count.  If you think their websites are better than yours you can be pretty sure customers will think the same and act on it.

Don’t lose sales for the sake of a grand or two.  A new website will pay back your investment over and over again if you do it right.

So many businesses and business owners think of websites as a cost rather than a profit generator and it’s just not right.  Your website is your window into the digital world and as such really should be up to date, modern and ready to win customers over.

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