More and more businesses are turning to WordPress as the basis of their website, but some web design companies still prefer to create old school sites using specialist software and expensive, proprietary Content Management Systems (CMS).   It seems that they think WordPress doesn’t cut the mustard as a CMS system, but we disagree, and here are six simple reasons why.

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  • It’s open source – meaning free – WordPress is fully supported by a huge community around the world.  We love WordPress because it allows the talented team at Orange Pixel to create superb sites for our cost conscious customers.
  • It’s extremely easy to install – Most Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) have a one-click setup process.   Which means we can set up your website quickly and efficiently.
  • It’s easy to add a great looking theme – There are free themes for WordPress, but we always advise our customers to pay a little and buy a premium theme – fully supported and no technical knowledge necessary (though it can help!)
  • It’s easy to add functionality using plugins – If you want your website to do something other than put words on a page, there’s almost certainly a WordPress plugin for it.  Wordpress allows these third party “apps” to work inside your website, to deliver a better user experience. A lot are free but some will need to be paid for, if you pay you will get support and advice to make sure it works
  • It’s intrinsically SEO friendly – One of the things that search engines love is properly formatted HTML code and WordPress does this automatically, without requiring any coding skill from you.  For more advanced SEO configuration, there are many excellent SEO plugins available.
  • It’s easy to maintain and update – Once you have used the admin area of WordPress for 10 minutes you’ve pretty much seen all there is to see.  WordPress makes it simple for you to update your posts and pages.  And, in the unklikely event that you do get stuck, there are millions of other users in the world to ask for help.  Some of them are almost certain to have encountered the same problem you have and know how to fix it – just Google your problem and you’ll usually find the answer in no time.


We love WordPress, and so do our satisfied customers.  If you want someone to create and manage a WordPress site for your business, get in touch today at www.Orange