Choosing a web design company is a critical decision deserving careful consideration.

We speak to lots of people who come to Orange Pixel, after having been disappointed by their original web designer.  Based on our experience and their comments we have put together this list to help you find the right web designer first time around.

Do they have a track record?

A professional web design company will be able to show numerous examples of their work, and will be able to relate to your business.   Always ask to see examples of their work and ideally speak to at least a couple of their clients to see if their support and updating are up to scratch.

Do they listen?

Your website is all about you and your business.  To be able to create the right site to meet your needs they need to understand you, your customers and your business model.

To do this, they need to do a lot of listening and ask a lot of questions.   If they are doing all the talking alarm bells, should be ringing.

Responsive Web Design

Do they guarantee reasonable response times?

Many of our clients told us that their previous designers suddenly became slow to respond once they had won the contract.   Make sure you ask if your designer promises to respond in a given time?  Of course promising and delivering are two different things.  Ask to see their customer testimonials and see if their customers specifically mention service and response times?

Do they speak a language you can understand?

Clear, regular, two way communication is crucial when it comes to developing a new website. Web designers need to be technical experts, but they also need to be able to communicate in plain language to those of us who aren’t geeks.    Can you understand what your designer is saying?  Will they give you regular progress updates without you having to chase?  Will they ask you when they need something from you?

Will they actually be able to deliver a website that works?

We know this one may sound silly, but we’ve met a lot of people who have paid or part paid for a website and then 6 months later haven’t seen a thing.   If you have any doubts about your designer’s ability to deliver we recommend you walk away and find someone else.

Follow these tips and you have an excellent chance of choosing a design company who will deliver a site that works for you.   If you found this article useful, and you are based in the South of England we’d love you to add Orange Pixel Web Design to your shortlist of designers.