Do you own a business website?

Do you need to improve site performance?

Are you worried about the expense and upheaval of changing your website?

Don’t be.

Changing your website to meet the needs of your customers, potential audience and stakeholders need not be an expensive and long winded process. There are many small tweaks that can be carried out onsite, either in house or by tasking your web design company, which will ultimately contribute to the success of your business online.

Go Mobile

Probably the most expensive of all the tweaks we recommend (as rebuilding is sometimes the only solution), rectifying any mobile usability issues on your site is undoubtedly the most important, particularly if you want your business to be visible in mobile search.

With Google’s recent algorithm stressing the importance of having a website that is mobile friendly, responsive design should be top of the list. With more people now searching using a mobile device rather than a desktop, not having a mobile friendly site can cost your business in lost sales and money.

Convey Better with your Content

Your website copy is your chance to attract attention, deliver something of interest and then get people to take the desired action. You can’t do any of this if you are still delivering boring, corporate content.

Our top tips to make your site content work for you are:

  • Prioritise benefits over features – it’s not so much what a product or service can do, but what benefits these features bring to your customers
  • Break content down – into subsections with headings, into bullet-pointed lists and simple steps to be taken
  • Be persuasive – use persuasive copy to encourage people to desire your product or service and then back this up with testimonials and case studies
  • Include a Call to Action – whatever action you want your site visitors to take – whether it is buying a product, signing up for a newsletter or visiting a specific page – make sure the CTA is clear and easy to understand

Use your Own Images

Over the years many businesses have created glossy websites thanks to stock images. Whilst there is nothing wrong with presenting stock photos to help you convey your message, most website visitors now prefer to see real images as it helps to make the offering more tangible. You can include images of:

  • Your team
  • Your premises
  • Your products
  • Your services/products in action
  • Case studies of work you have done

Don’t forget that videos also make a great impact and will appeal to those site visitors who want information but would prefer to watch rather than read.

Review your Navigation

Consider that your navigation is like a road map and that sending someone in the wrong direction could lead to a dead end. The best websites are the ones that offer simple navigation, so no matter what page people land on when they first find the site, they can easily find their way around to the information they require.

If your analytics reports are telling you that you have a high bounce rate it could be a sign that people are unable to find what they are looking for and simple tweaks to your navigation could be just what you need to make your site more user friendly.

Orange Pixel offer a Webcare service that enables you to make simple tweaks and changes to your websites to bring them up to date. Why not call us on 023 9317 0317 to find out how we can help you?