3 Reasons Why You Need WordPress Project Management

Are you trying to balance managing your wordpress along with everything else? Read this article to learn why you need a wordpress project management team.

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If you’re an entrepreneur, it might be no news to you that you probably work 60% more than your employees do.

Since you have more at stake, you might try to have your eyes on every aspect of your business at the same time. Instead of trying to keep an eye on everyone in the office while managing your digital teams or projects, you should consider hiring a WordPress project management team.

Even if you’re digitally savvy, it takes a lot of time and attention to shift gears from working with a client to working on your WordPress site. During that time, you could be losing efficiency or even losing profits.

Rather than jump from project to project, you should think about hiring a team to manage your WordPress Project. Here are 3 reasons why you should toss the keys to a qualified WordPress project management team.

1. Save Time

There are lots of milestones your project needs to hit in order to serve your current clients and pick up new ones. To hit that ideal launch date, you’ll need to have someone closely watching over your project.

Hiring a project management team will ensure that will be taken care of so that you can hit your target date while you don’t drop the ball anywhere else. Your developers might forget dates and your marketing team might be troubled by miscommunications while your developers’ attention is on the project.

Circumvent those issues with hired project managers. Outsourcing your services will allow you to focus on what matters.

2. Stay On Scope

As you work on a project, you might be in contact with a client who thinks of other important features that their product needs. In an effort to please the client, you and your developers will give the client a resounding “yes”. This can make clients happy until you miss the deadline and disappoint them.

By chasing every new feature, you’ll widen the scope of the project and push the release date back further and further.

Your project managers will try to account for each of these features and schedule them into a calendar of what is doable and what will have to wait. You’ll be able to be straightforward with clients and help them know what to expect by having project managers avoiding scope creep.

3. Stay On Budget

By adding all those extra features, you’ll be adding extra hours of work and an extended deadline. As projects take longer, clients are less inclined to pay more or buy any extra services.

Having a project management team keep an eye on your WordPress project, you’ll be able to make good estimates and keep everyone happy.

WordPress Project Management Can Equal Savings

By managing all of your resources, project managers can save money for a company in the long run. They’ll know what’s doable, what will take too long, and help set expectations for developers and clients.

If you’re ready to get project managers on the task of your next WordPress project, contact us to find the right PMs for the job.