I already “do” social media, Facebook, Insta, Twitter – do I need a website too?

The answer – Yes.

In these days of massive social media influence it may seem like an unnecessary expense of time, money and effort to actually make a proper website to support your business but there are several compelling reasons to rethink this approach.

But all those YouTubers didn’t have websites when they started

Nope – but they all did as soon as they wanted to monetise their personal brand beyond simply attracting advertising revenue from YouTube!

1. Websites tell the full story

Social media is amazing.  Snapshots of lives. Snippets of culture. All the ingredients necessary to display something attractive to your audience.

But all serious “Brands” with a capital B have a website so that they can tell the full story to many different types of audience. Your website is the place where you can go into detail, you can use different types of media to inform, educate and demonstrate that you are the right business to serve their needs.

The reader of the website might not be the person who follows your Facebook antics or your YouTube channel but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer. They too may want to buy what you’re selling but choose to find out more about who or what your brand is.

2. Sell in Peace

Anyone who has been to an Asian or North African market will know that shopkeepers don’t sell you a high ticket item in the hustle and bustle of the street, they invite you into the shop, give you tea and get to know you a bit.  The marketplace is Social Media, the Shop is your website.

If you can get a social media follower to your website you have captured their attention enough to offer your product or service to them.

That’s great but the real benefit is that all of a sudden you cut out the noise of everyone else’s profiles and updates intruding on the experience and focus on giving them exactly what they need to decide to buy.

Why cut down on your opportunities to sell? And why do it in a crowded, noisy marketplace when you can invite them in to your quiet office where they have time and space to connect with you.

3. Your website is yours

While we don’t see Facebook disappearing, or Twitter, Instagram YouTube etc. We do see businesses getting seriously hurt when those platforms change the way they do things.  Just recently Facebook decided to reduce the number of ads shown in a bid to keep users happy and engaging with their friends and family.  I don’t think anyone thinks thats a bad idea but the effect is that many people who built a business based on Facebook advertising suddenly had their revenues cut in half – overnight.

If they had a website with a steady stream of visitors the effects of such a change would be massively reduced.

You decide what is on your website and you decide you often to update it.  Yes there are SEO considerations but ultimately you are in control.

4. Your website is your content hub

We say this to all of our customers and prospective customers, your website is the hub of all your marketing activity, your digital shopfront.  Everything you create in your effort to attract a new customer should lead back to your website.  Give your customer multiple opportunities to find you and find out more about you but make sure that you are there to have a 1:1 relationship with them.

Sure they could start on Facebook, come to your website, go to your Twitter, come back to your website, see a Google Ad, come back to your website. The important thing is that they know you have a “home”.  Somewhere that, when they are comfortable, they will know and come back to buy from.

So, why have a website?

It’s your home on the Internet.

It’s the hub of all your content.

It’s your best vehicle to give you credibility.

It’s the platform to start your content’s journey to the ultimate end user.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you develop your brand with a fantastic new website then please do get in touch using the button below.  We’d love to talk with you.