Convert to WordPress

Do you have a website already?  Kinda like it but don’t know how to update it?  Wondering what this WordPress thing is that everyone tells you you should do?

Orange Pixel are here to help!

Not only will we recreate your site in WordPress – you’ll be surprised at how quickly and cost effectively we will do it!

Why Convert to WordPress?

WordPress is an extremely popular website content management platform.  In its simplest form you plug in the information into a text editor and WordPress takes care of writing the HTML and organising and displaying the words and pictures.

The reason for its popularity is the ease with which you can create a fantastic website with whatever functionality you need. WordPress has a fantastic system whereby you can add a plugin (many free, some paid) to add extra functionality.  Adding a plugin is as simple as clicking a couple of buttons – no coding experience necessary.

There are plugins to make your site into a shop. To improve the SEO of your site.  To improve the security. To show an events calendar.  To display pop ups to show special offers. To create complex forms.  The list really is endless.

Want your website to do something? There’s a plugin for that!

As well as plugins WordPress has Themes.  A theme is the thing that governs the look and feel of your site. More than a template, a theme controls what you can do both in the admin area of the site and the front end, the website itself, and as with plugins there are free ones and ones that you pay for.

Long story short.  WordPress makes it very easy to have a top quality website.

Why do I need Orange Pixel to help?

We have been making WordPress websites for all kinds of business for many years now. Quite simply we are WordPress experts and we will do it quicker and better than most people will be able to.

Do you need to use a web design company?

No. Not at all but if you are running a business you will be better at doing that than at making websites so we think it makes commercial sense to get it done professionally!

If you do want to do it yourself you can find out more about self-hosted WordPress here. Or just install from your hosting provider’s control panel.

What do we need from you?

Once we’ve agreed a price and the scope e.g. direct copy or copy plus change a few bits) then we will need any additional content sent over, any additional functionality detailed and then we will get on with it.  We will also need to either access your domain DNS or have the contact detail

A direct copy of a website can be completed in as little as a week.

Does it matter where we are?

No, not at all.  We are based in Hampshire and many of our customers are in Hampshire too but we have customers all over the UK and Internationally.  Just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do together!