In this era of the Internet the need for a small, local business to have a website is well established and there are plenty of local web design companies wherever you go. Here in Havant there are at least 5 reputable web design companies to call on whatever your project. No longer do you need to spend hundreds of pounds designing and printing a brochure.  No longer do you have to have a high street presence to let people know what you do.  A good quality website forms the core, the hub, of all your marketing activity.

Certainly you might still need business cards, and certainly flyers and leaflets still have their place in your marketing and advertising activities but the one thing they all have in common is that they point to your website.

The Internet is Global. Why do I need a local web designer?

You don’t need a local web design company but you do need to be aware that making a website that really shows your business off properly is much easier if you have help.  The best web designers don’t just copy and paste your words into a page.  They work with you to craft a set of pages that have a purpose, that direct your customer to the information that they want to know about you and that lets them know what to do next.  This could be “Buy Now”, “Get a free quote”,  “Download our ebook” or just “Call for details”.

If you are confident in your content creation skills and have a good picture in your head of what you are looking for then the location of your web designer is unimportant but for the rest of us a meeting will make a massive difference to the success of the project.

Orange Pixel are based in Havant.  We have worked with businesses all over the world but the one thing they all have in common is that we have established a face to face relationship, nearly always by actually meeting each other in person.  Occasionally it has been via Skype or similar but usually a physical meeting.

How to find a local web designer

A Google search is a great way to start. Web design havant or web design portsmouth for example are good searches to find a company like us but do be aware that sometimes it’s better cast your net a bit wider, in our case we spend a lot of effort being found for web design hampshire or wordpress web design.  This is because we aren’t just looking for any business who wants to throw a few pages onto the net, we are looking for companies who have a plan, who are prepared to spend the time, and the money, to develop their web presence and to built a site that helps their visitors to buy from them.

In short,

  • Most businesses benefit from having a website
  • Websites are your shopfront
  • Getting to know your web designer will make the process much easier
  • Search locally but not too local!
  • Check reviews

If you need help with your website project please do give us a call – local or not – we will be pleased to help you with your website project or even your choice of web company.  We make and support websites for all kinds of business from one man band plumbers to online stores to corporate customers (such as Portsmouth Water), both public and private sectors.