What is a WordPress Support Service?

If you are already an Orange Pixel customer you will know that we make having a WordPress website very, very easy.

But have you ever thought about what goes on in the background to make sure that your website remains safe, secure and online?

WordPress is an open source web creation tool and is incredibly popular. In fact it is thought that around 25% of all websites on the Internet are created using WordPress.

The Goodies and the Losers

Sadly, as with everything online and popular, this makes WordPress a target for unscrupulous people (hackers, thieves and even just kids out to prove they are “clever”).

The result is that on the one side you have a dedicated, genuine and extremely talented group of individuals scattered all over the world working to give you – for free – a fantastic resource to create your website and on the other side a bunch of pathetic, destructive (even criminal) losers who strive to f*** everything up for as many people as possible.

The Good people create, innovate and stretch the boundaries.  The Losers find gaps, mistakes and small vulnerabilities in the Good people’s code.  Then the Good people go back to their code and fix these errors, they release these fixes to the world as patches, security updates and minor version releases.

As a WordPress support company our job is to keep the Losers out of your website by keeping your website as up to date as possible, continually applying updates to the WordPress core system and to the plugins that are added to a WordPress site to extend its functionality.

800 Updates in just 2 weeks

As an example in the first two weeks of May 2019 we applied over 800 updates to the sites under our care.  This is normal.  In a busy month it may be over 2500 updates per month.

One or two of those updates had to be undone because they caused a conflict and stopped the website from working. We had to go in and fix the underlying problem before reapplying the updates.

We also took daily backups of all the websites that we look after.  If the worst should happen the maximum data loss is 1 day.

Less critically we also perform performance tests and security checks as well as monitoring for uptime on many of our sites.

I haven’t even begun to mention all the advice, help and other support we give such as making any and all changes to your site for you, fixing hacked sites, adding extra functionality, moving to new hosting packages, if it’s WordPress we’ll help!

In Summary

There is a lot more to “having” a website that just getting it built and adding the odd blog article.  As with a car it’ll probably keep going if you don’t maintain it but when it breaks it really breaks and you’ll be up for a lot more money than if you’d just had it looked over by an expert once in a while.

For details of our WordPress Support Services click on the button below and fill in the form to see how we can help you keep your site safe.