In business you don’t always win them all and recently one of our customers decided – on a price basis – to move to a different web design company for their support services.

We did everything we could to ensure the transition went as smoothly as possible and provided every bit of information and help that we could to the customer.

That was 2 weeks ago and to date they still don’t have a working website on the Internet.

How can this have happened?

I’m certainly not going to name names and have no interest in showing anyone up but in short there are many people, freelancers and limited companies who find it easy to make a website “look nice” but do not have the technical expertise or knowledge to understand what makes WordPress tick.

Transferring a site from one host to another is a very straightforward job (there are 1001 articles on the Internet that give you very clear instructions). There are, as with all technical jobs, a few “gotcha’s” but when you know what you’re doing it’s just a d’oh moment and you fix it quickly. the company our ex-customer chose are clearly not up to speed with WordPress.

WordPress Maintenance Services

With Orange Pixel on your side as your website support and maintenance company you can be sure of first class UK-based support.

We know WordPress.  We offer a fully inclusive service whereby we keep all your website software as up to date as it can be, and in the case where something stops functioning correctly we work with you to get it up and running in the best way possible. We are also always on hand to resolve any technical requests you may have.  Need to install a subscribe now pop up? Need to change the logo in the header or the size of the navigation bar?  Need to add tracking code?  We take care of it.

Cheap WordPress Support

The word cheap is always very subjective. Rather than price we tend to emphasise the value that we can provide your business.

  • The time saving you receive by knowing that your technical requests will be dealt with quickly.
  • The fact that your website will be online, working for you and working correctly.
  • It will be secure and even if hacked will be rolled back quickly to a state before the intrusion.
  • It will be backed up every day. Even in the worst possible case we can get you back online very quickly using a backup (for a little extra we can even back up hourly if you have high availability needs)
  • You will always benefit from having the most recent version of WordPress and the most recent version of plugins (that work with your theme). If an upgrade breaks anything we will roll back to an earlier version.
  • We will even update your WordPress theme if you are using a child theme (if not we may still be able to help but not within the monthly plan)

The customer that I mentioned at the start of this article didn’t see the value in any of that.

Their business now has no website.  It is a critical time of year for them and the lack of a website is probably causing a lot more damage to them financially that the money they were paying for top class professional support.

Personally I find it a real shame, I made the website, I listened to their needs and crafted the site they didn’t even know they wanted.  They were over the moon and it worked for them.  We supported the site and kept it in tip top condition.  Now it’s broken and offline because the accountant wanted to save a bit of money.

To find out how we can help you with your WordPress website please do get in touch today.  No matter where you are in the world we can help.