OK I admit it.  The last article I wrote, “Web Design Hampshire – Blogging for your Keywords” was designed to serve two purposes.

Its first intention was very definitely to help you, the reader, to understand a little bit more about blogging in general but I also wanted to try to see whether using our main keyphrase “Web Design Hampshire” in the title and in the body of the article would actually have an effect on our overall rankings.

You see recently we slipped from Page 1 to Page 2 for that term and since we know it really does generate work for us it was important to quickly attempt to regain our lost ground.

Unfortunately, because we considered it an urgent issue, this experiment wasn’t particularly scientific as we have been trying a lot of different things to improve our rankings (I’ll go into a bit of detail about what we have done in future posts). I do however believe that the article mentioned above did have a  positive effect and we have gone up by about 5 places at the time of writing, from position 12 to position 7.

Is that a conclusive result?

Categorically – No!  Even if we had run this as a controlled experiment there is still no guarantee that we would be able to firmly say that “when we do this, Google does that”.  The are plenty of SEO’s out there who do that kind of thing all the time and you can often find consolidated results on websites such as http://moz.com or http://searchengineland.com but for us it’s more of a simple trial.

What Next?

I think I might target a different key phrase next, maybe “web design portsmouth” and possible with the target page being the landing page that has been there for a few years now https://orangepixel.co.uk/web-design-portsmouth.  Currently we are at position 20 for that one and don’t have plans to substantially change the page so the blogging activity will be the only change.

Orange Pixel WordPress Support Services

If you need help with any aspect of running, maintaining and/or improving your WordPress website then please do talk to us – it’s what we do and we are experts in our field.  We love to make new sites but equally we offer support and improvement services to anyone with a WordPress site.