Website Design

We listen, we research, we understand – then we build

We are here to build you the perfect website for your business, charity or organisation.  At Orange Pixel we don’t believe that “one size fits all” or that you should be forced to fit your website content into a strictly defined template that doesn’t necessarily reflect “how” you want to say it. There are 3 areas we work with you to get right every time :-


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We encourage you to create portfolios, case studies, product pages and service descriptions so that your website visitor understands not just “what” you do but also “how” and “why”. First impressions count.

Build Trust

wordpress websiste design hampshire

Establishing trust is very important in any kind of relationship but especially in one where you are not yet face to face.  Reviews of your work, descriptions of your business, photos and bios of you and your staff all help build trust. Make sure the journey through your site creates trust.


wordpress websiste design hampshire

They know what you do, they trust you.  Now you need to make it very easy for them to get in touch with you.  Good calls to action; easily visible phone numbers and email addresses and pop-up reminders to stop them leaving your site can all help to get that all important contact.

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Our Proven 5 Step Process

With a track record of some 300+ websites ranging in type from Large Corporations through to mid-size SME’s, County Councils and District Councils and down to the one man band startup fencing contractor we have developed what we think is a concrete process for building the right website every time.

Probably the most important part of the whole process is the way we start it all off.

We listen.

We ask questions.

We have a conversation about what your expectations are, what you would like to achieve from your website and what content you have, or need to have, to get there.

A critical part of this first step is to really understand who it is that will be looking at your site.  It might not just be one type of person, it could be two or three very different audiences that you need to cater for.  For example a lettings agent will need to address the needs of both landlords with property to rent out and also potential tenants who are looking for somewhere to live.

We then need to make sure we provide a page of set of pages containing all the information that they will need to make their decision to take action.

This is where we “do our stuff” and using all the knowledge from our earlier conversations we get started on what we do best – making the website.

You will have sent all the content over to us, generally this means words for the pages, photos and logos (sometimes we will also be migrating content across from your old site, particularly Blog type content).

We keep the intended audiences’ website experience right at the forefront of our minds while we are developing the site – the site HAS to work for the visitor.

Once we are happy with the site we then show it to you.  There’s no surprises at this stage, you will already know what’s been happening but you get to see the site as soon as all the different elements have come together.

At this stage we leave you to go through the site and make a list of the bits and pieces that need tweaking.  Often we will have come up with little ideas that prompt you to have more little ideas of your own for the actual wording or the way of displaying it.

We collect all of that together.

A word that is most often used in the building trade (also the Australian word for sausage!), snagging is the process of finishing off all the little bits and bobs that aren’t quite right or that may have been missed in the build process.  Essentially working through the list generated after the site is Delivered to you.

Once we have approval from you we then work to get the website live.  There are a few technical things that have to be done but we also have a big list that we work through to make sure that your site is as close to 100% perfect as possible.

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After your website is live

We don’t just leave you to it. We have a range of support packages for you.  Your website can be fully cared for by our support team, hosting, backups and maintenance taken care of with minimal input needed from you or we can just host the website for you.

We also offer to make any and all changes and updates to your site so you don’t even need to log on to the admin area of the site – just send us an email and we take care of the rest.

From hosting only to full technical and “WordPress virtual assistant” support, it’s your choice.

When you ask for changes to your site we commit to get the work done in 2 working days.

wordpress websiste design hampshire